Sunday, January 24, 2010

How friday nights have changed

I am starting this blog in honour of my (and my husband's) recent inauguration into parenthood.

I did not keep a pregnancy journal, nor do I keep a baby journal (I've already missed documenting the milestones of Sam's first smile, laugh, roll over), but the more I think about it, the more I realize that there are certain things I want to remember about these gorgeous days of Sam's early life. Or maybe I just want to share all the little observances and daily minutia that I find so incredibly lovable, and laughable (and my friends are tired of hearing about them).

** there is a fabulously funny stand-up sketch by comedian David Cross where he bemoans the loss of his friendship with a buddy who recently had a kid - "I'll stare at grapes with you!! WTF happened to our friendship, man?!?" **

Anyway - I was never a particularly rowdy girl. I've been with my high school sweetheart for 13 years and we are fairly settled, though social, people. We live in the 'burbs; we're both professionals; we like wine but don't drink or party excessively.

A Friday night 10 years ago would have seen us out at a movie theatre enjoying the latest Bruckheimer action flick. Sans wine.

Seven years ago I was deep into nursing school, writing papers every night of the week, including Friday. Enjoying wine regularly.

Five years ago I was working five out of every 10 Friday nights at the Children's Hospital. Once again sans wine.

We might have spent a Friday night two years ago at a hockey game or concert drinking wine from plastic cups.

On a Friday night almost exactly one year ago I was enjoying dinner with friends hoping that no one noticed I was avoiding the wine as I had just that day found out I was pregnant.

And Friday of last week saw us gleeful over a baby in bed by 7:30, a bowl of popcorn, and an anticipated bedtime of 10:30 for ourselves. There was no wine that night, but there is some in the cupboard!

We're tired and broke, but overall I don't feel like we've changed all that much - even if our Friday nights have.

If you decide to follow this blog, you can look froward to posts detailing my insights and anxieties as a new mom; some reflective posts on my pregnancy; and some reality checks regarding what kind of parent I thought I would be and the parent that I am becoming.

I'm not a professional writer by any stretch, but I hope to make the posts fun for me to write and funny for you to read. Maybe you're a fan of me and my little family personally, or maybe your another mom out there looking for someone with whom to relate. Either way, welcome! And Thanks for Reading : )

Oh - and here's a pic of my muse (being tickled just before his bath).

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