Thursday, January 28, 2010

I frequently drop food on my baby

It's a hazard of breastfeeding. And let's be honest: he does it to himself.

Seriously, he has all day - and all night too - to snack and nibble whenever he likes. I even make it easy for him by wearing these quick-snap nursing bras and fancy shirts with holes in them.

So, of course, he waits until dinner (or breakfast or lunch) is just being served, tasty and hot, my mouth watering (because if you've ever been a breastfeeding mom you know how hungry you can be). He waits until just this moment to be milk fussy. The kind of unrelentingly fussy that can only be quieted by a boob in his little mouth.

I'm left with no choice but to feed him. Promptly. Lest our dinner be accompanied by whiny shrieks and crying. The thing is, I don't mind. No big deal. We're pro at this now after all. Latch on there kiddo!. Go to town! But don't expect me to postpone my dinner.

And this is when the spilling starts. It depends on what I'm eating, but as a rule, the more red the meal, the more of it I will spill. The other day it was chili. Directly onto Sam's nose and my white nursing bra. He didn't seem to mind. Most times the dribbles and spills just end up on his jammies. No harm done. Though I've lost some of my precious food.

I think I will have to patent a bib for nursing moms. To protect our babies while we eat. Look for it at retailers near you : )

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