Saturday, February 20, 2010

Olympic Fun (Part 3)

I will soon get back to blogging properly about all things parent-y, but for the past couple of weeks I have set aside my woes about poop consistency and sleep-deprivation in order to bring you The Adventures of the Tilgneroots' at the Olympics:

David hates his smile in this picture but I had to post it to convey Sam's overall displeasure with this outing. He was not a big fan of the crowds and chaos of downtown Vancouver. It could also be that the sun was in his face.

He is slightly less furious in this photo with Auntie Christine (the afternoon was young yet).

Because nothing says Vancouver like . . . veal?

We managed to score an awesome table at a pub where we planned on having a couple of beer and watching the Canada v Switzerland men's hockey game (note the big screen behind me!).

Unfortunately, once we scored the first goal, the pub went wild and Sam lost his cool. The only consolation is that it was so noisy that our fellow patrons couldn't hear Sam screaming his poor little overwhelmed and overstimulated head off :(
Dad had to take Sam out of the pub to calm him down while his drunky mom finished her beer - quickly.

After that we stuck to the streets and took in all the people and lights and general energy. It was fun. Would have been more fun with a sitter (sorry Sambot, you can be a bit of a buzz kill), but that's ok.

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