Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things we learn . . .

**Warning** for hilarious and potentially disturbing content **Warning**

Dads should not burp their babies naked.

That's right. But let me clarify . . .

Dads should not be naked while burping their babies.

Because . . .

Yes, you've guessed it.

Your penis might get barfed on.

There are a series of circumstances required for this to happen:

1) A Mum might feed the baby in bed early in the morning then pass the baby off to Dad for burping.

2) If Mum and Dad sleep naked, then it stands to reason that these activities of feeding and burping may also occur in the nude.

3) Occasionally, during the burping process, a baby will spit up.

4) While spitting up, the baby might turn his head to propel the barf over his shoulder, down his Dad's arm, and onto his unsuspecting penis.

The Dad will likely then return the baby to his mother and go have a shower, asking that they never speak of this event.

The Mum will likely then blog about this event. She will not post a picture.


  1. Awesome! Note to self, no nudey burping!

  2. Also, please be prepared to explain this on friday!

  3. I will try my best not to laugh out loud the next time I see Mr. Pukey Penis.