Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Public Health Nurse: 1 - Dr. Jack Newman: 1 - Walk-in Clinic MD: 0

Ok, so granted this may seem a bit biased because I am a nurse. But seriously!

Our little Sam is a bit . . . little. When other moms see him at the park and comment on how cute he is (thank you) they always follow with "How old is he?" When we answer that he is (enter age here), the almost universal response is: "Oh, he's small!" This particularly annoys David who has come up with some terrific comebacks that I won't print here (and he has never actually said to a stranger, he just shares them with me later).

At 3 months Sam was right on target in the 50th percentile, but since then he has been slowly dropping on the curve and now at 5 months is only in the 10th. In 6 weeks he has only gained approximately 1 pound, when he should have gained closer to 3 or more.

The Current Issue:
Over the weeks, the nurses at the Public Health Unit have offered support and advice to improve my milk supply by pumping, etc. and to improve Sam's focus while feeding by removing distractions, etc. But this has not been working well enough. So today we talked about fenugreek and blessed thistle and dom perignon :)

This afternoon I went to our doctor's office to discuss the best course of action. Our regular doctor was not there, so we saw the guy covering walk-ins. Mistake #1. But the only one I made.

Here are a list of the mistakes he made:

1) Did not introduce himself. Minor error, but unpro.

2) The extent of his assessment was
- asking me what the problem was,
- asking me if I'm breastfeeding,
- asking me what I wanted to do.
No questions about my or Sam's general health. No questions about other things that can decrease milk supply, like if I am on any medications or if I could possibly be pregnant (no and NO!). It also didn't seem to matter how much Sam weighs. That's right. He didn't WEIGH the baby!!!

3) When I asked about the herbal remedies, he didn't know anything about them (big shocker) and could only contribute that "herbs can have multiple drug reactions" (since he didn't ask if I'm on any medications this seems like a bit of a useless statement).

4) "All I can suggest is supplementing (with formula) or Domperidone". Ok - I get that many MDs are not familiar with herbal and alternative remedies. No problem. But apparently he didn't know much about the pharmaceuticals either. When I asked how long it would take for the medication to start working . . . he didn't know. If only there was some way he could have found out for me . . . like some kind of computerized device linked to some kind of online database for physicians . . . similar to the computer he was typing up my prescription with. Hm. Too bad.

So I took the Rx and decided to go home and educate myself (via the Interweb and Dr. Jack Newman).

Back to Sam:
I've decided to do it all. I'm going to take the fenugreek and the blessed thistle AND the dom perignon in the hopes that Sam can crank his weight up, start sleeping "through the night", and move back into his own room before I give up from exhaustion and pour formula down his throat. (Just kidding, Robin)

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  1. Ten bucks says Daddy's silent comeback about Sam being small reflects somehow on enormous genitalia. (I'm not saying whose, though.)

    Unfortunately your experience is common for many people who don't have a family doctor and we're often intimidated to tell him/her how to do the job. Like, you know, actually weighing the baby.