Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Five Nights of Hell Part 3: Four minutes yo!

Seriously. Sam fussed for 4 minutes tonight before he fell quiet. I checked in on him about 15 minutes after that and he was fast asleep with his bunny in the crook of his arm. So sweet.

And such a relief that he didn't regress. I was a little concerned because we are not working on naps just yet (I can't handle him crying during the day as well as at night), so I still nurse or rock or walk him off to sleep for naps. I don't want to send him mixed messages but it would appear that daytime and nighttime sleep are different enough that he is not getting confused.

The rest of last night went incredibly well. I woke him to nurse at 11pm and he was awake afterward, but I put him in his crib, rubbed his tummy, kissed his head and - no joke - he fell asleep right in front of my eyes!! After his second feed at 3am he was asleep before his head hit the proverbial pillow. Unfortunately he was so well rested that he decided to wake up at 5:45. We let him fuss until 6:30 then finally got him up and started our day.

As a result, though I felt rested this morning, I am bagged tonight and am going to bed. No marathon posts tonight.

Thanks for checking in - I appreciate the support through this.

See you tomorrow night!

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