Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Five Nights of Hell Part 4: No baby, no cry

Tonight is the fourth night of our new sleep routine. I'm very happy to report that Sam went into his crib tonight, tired but completely awake. He didn't complain at all; he actually seemed to be looking forward to it! I cuddled and kissed him and left the room and he did not cry a single tear. When I went to check on him about 25 minutes later he was fast asleep with his bunny by his side.

I heard him stir just now on the monitor but he has not asked for me and I think he's gone back to sleep on his own (if he woke up fully in the first place).

All of this despite the fact that he had his 6 month shots this morning and cut his first tooth this afternoon! My boy is such a trooper - I'm really proud of him.

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  1. He looks soooo grown up in this jean jacket! Now all he needs is that golf/polo shirt onesie and he would certainly not get ID'd at the liquor store.