Thursday, April 15, 2010

Five Nights of Hell Part 5: A bit of regression

I don't know if it's the teeth coming in, or the fact that he basically skipped his afternoon nap, or because it's the first Canucks' playoff game and he wants to ruin any fun we might have . . . but our poor little Sam has been whining and crying in his bed for about 20 minutes already.

David has gone up to give him some tylenol and a little cuddle. Mum is going to stay out of the room for a while so as not to insight his rage.

I'm trying not to feel horribly guilty as I sit here and watch hockey . . . will update later.


One hour and 25 minutes since Sam went down and he is still whining intermittently. Is he asleep in between these little vocal episodes. I'm too afraid to go check because if he is awake and he sees me he'll lose his shit for sure.

In other news, the Canucks are tied 1-all with the LA Kings.


Second period, and the score is 2-2. Also Sam is asleep and cozily tucked in. Little love :)

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