Friday, April 9, 2010

Excuses and Promises

I have the perfect storm of characteristics to be a shitty blogger. I'm a slow writer to begin with and this is compounded by my interminable editing (I've already re-written this sentence four times). Also, I am easily distracted by the vast interWeb and it's infinity of shiny objects. F.aceb.ook is particularly detrimental to all things productive that I might otherwise do out here. Finally, I'll be honest, I'm a little lazy.

The thing is, I really enjoy blogging. And ask any of my friends, I am never short on thoughts or shy to share them. In fact, lately I have found myself drafting blog posts in my head. Of course they are all brilliant. And often lost (to distraction, laziness, etc.) before I ever get them typed out. I have several scribbled ideas strewn throughout the house which will one day make it on here if I don't bury them forever beneath unread magazines, unchecked-off lists, and unredeemed coupons.

It's not that I'm a procrastinator. Not entirely. The important stuff gets done on time: the bills are always paid; the baby is always fed; I usually shower before noon.

It's just that there are only so many hours in the day. It's not fair to be on the computer while Sam is awake, and the lists of things to do once he is down for a nap is already too long:

make baby food
make adult food (although David really does most of the cooking now - thanks, babe)
go to yoga
go for a run (this one is oft neglected)
take a nap too (this one is oft indulged)
put off thinking about / looking in to child care for Sam - Ack!!
tidy up
clean the litter boxes and inevitable puddle of cat pee on the garage floor (topic for another post)
help with the family business
review strata business (I will not be on our strata's council again next year!)
online banking and work the family budget
once in a while read a book or one of the many magazines in my stack
plan my BFF's pre-wedding fun
check my email
get distracted on FB

Then, when the kid is in bed for the night there is kitchen and general clean up to do, baby food to defrost for tomorrow, breasts to pump, maybe American Idol to watch, and on occasion I like to have a bath or, y'know, spend some time with the husband.

So as a consolation for this excuse-ridden post, here is a short list of topics I've been meaning to blog about and promise to soon:

my love-hate turned hate-hate relationship with cloth diapers

inspirational women out there who blog too

how naps have ruined my social life

why Sam has the best dad (and I have the best husband) out there

my imminent return to work and how that is wreaking havok on my psyche

how I miss being pregnant

a guest blog from Sam's dad

first-time mom syndrome (or maybe it's just me)

the SLEEP ISSUE (I might actually right this one tonight between 12:30 and 2:00 when Sam decides that it's party time)

oh yes, and the explanation for the cat pee on my garage floor (though really there is only one explanation, and you guessed it, the cats pees on the garage floor)

Since this has already taken me an hour to write (slooooooow . . .) I will call it here and go spend some time with my awesome husband before he gets too deep into Fable 2 and I lose my opportunity.


  1. looking forward to first time mom syndrome!

  2. oh my dear, welcome to blog-dom. I've blogged for years and you really meet a lot of cool people, some I'm still in touch with. Cyber friends so to speak. Keep it up, you interest me, and I know you in real life too!
    those cloth diapers, how do you do it? Will you do it again?
    And pee on the garage floor... ya good times. At least it's concrete, right? Mine sometimes uses mats/carpets if she doesn't like the brand of litter I've bought. Sigh. .. still love them though, right?