Sunday, April 4, 2010


It's Easter Sunday . . .

. . . and if I can indulge in an aside only 3 words into this post . . .

Eff-you, you snobs at Westlake High School in 1995 who made fun of me for referring to Easter Sunday and Easter Monday - "What, do you have Easter Tuesday in Canada too? Ha ha!" Way to make the new Canadian girl in class feel welcome, assholes! And you know what, you flaky twats? Jesus rose after three days. THREE! From Good Friday to forget-it's-a-religious-holiday-and-continue-on-with-your-hypocritical-lives-Saturday is one day. To oh-we're-Christian-again-Sunday is two days. To Easter Monday is three DAYS! He rose. We eat ham. You're just pissed because my French was better than yours.

. . .

And that's certainly not how I intended this post to go, but sometimes you have to just let those pop-into-your-head-thoughts out. On the internet. For all to read and judge. Well, who am I kidding, I have 4 followers.

I was actually going to post about how peaceful and lovely my house is at the moment with David out and Sam napping. I was going to wax poetic about the joys of parenting and what a lucky wife and mother I am. But I don't think I can do that now. It might seem forced and somehow disingenuous.

So instead, here are some recent pictures of the boy. He is cuter than any baby those girls in high school who teased me will ever have.


  1. Ah well...4 followers... As Stuart McLean says, "We may not be big, but we're small."

    For what it's worth, all Canadians aren't exactly Easter savy... I remember taking Gina to Sunday school with me one Easter Sunday (because, yes, that is the correct way to say it) and she said that she thought Easter was when Jesus came out of the tomb and saw his shadow and decided whether or not there were 6 more weeks of winter...

  2. Maybe you would get more followers if you uncapitalized your "I"'s and left out sentence structure and the use of periods. Maybe then everyone would flock to you and think that you were a literary prodigy with a cool sense of creative style.
    For example,

    i had wonderful evening the other night with aromatic rounded breads mixed with light toppings centered on delightful ovoid patties with strong flavours of home and history lightly dusted with strong sharp cheese those lively tones were hopelessly counter balance with an effervescent dark drink mixing spiced sweet syrup with a light zest of lime all caressing three perfect blocks of ice

    Get me, why would any just say I had a burger and a rum and coke, when you could say the above??

  3. No, I am sure their babies are NOT that cute. Hope you had a fabulous Easter Sunday ;-)