Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Playing Strange

Before Sam arrived in living colour we were quite social people, David and I.

I'd like to think that we do a pretty good job of remaining that way. To be fair, we don't go out to restaurants much anymore, and any loud event like a hockey game or boisterous house party absolutely requires a babysitter. But overall, we still see our close friends a lot. We just show up with more stuff. The playpen gets set up in a bedroom somewhere, sometimes we'll even throw the boy into the bath real quick to provide a semblance of our at home bedtime routine, a quick nurse and down he goes. Or we have people here.

-- Frankly, it's a bit of a blessing in disguise because who can afford to go out (or buy the new wardrobe required for your post-pregnancy body) when you have a baby at home? Seriously! These boobs? They are lovely, but there is nothing sexy about a nursing bra! And unfortunately I choose my outfits in the morning based on what is easiest to breastfeed in rather than what might look best. --

Our desire to remain social stems, I think, from the lack of family we have here in BC. All of Sam's aunts and uncles (by blood) live back East, as do his grandparents and just about our entire extended family. Over the years we've built a network of friends who have basically become our family - our little village.

Sam has seen our very close friends on a regular basis since he was a newborn. He is comfortable and familiar with them and I would trust any of them to look after him in our absence. Lately, however, he has started playing strange with the men in our pack. He's cool with the chicks, but these days Dad is the only dude he will tolerate.

For example, "uncle" Matt is particularly scary.

Don't worry, Sam recovered from this little encounter just fine. It was a temporary trauma, forgotten with the offering of Cheerios.

Tonight his great aunt (for real) Joey and great uncle Emile visited on their way through to the Island. It was just before dinner when they arrived which caused Sam to have a low blood sugar / new scary people in the house meltdown. After dinner and - again - the offering of many Cheerios, Sam warmed up to his great aunt and by the end of the visit he was all smiles and flirting. As usual.

Cool Sam.
But really he just fell over in the bucket and was too lazy to right himself.

Super smiley Sam.

I know this is a normal stage that all babies go through so I'm not concerned. It's actually a bit funny. Or maybe I'm a bit cruel. Aren't the best blog posts some combination both?

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