Monday, June 14, 2010

June in a nutshell

I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy.

I'm back at work helping women become mothers. It's fulfilling, joyful work, but it is still work and it's extra tiring because I've chosen to only do nights so that I can still spend as much time with Sam as possible. Going back was not as hard as I expected. I feel refreshed about the job in a surprising way. Maybe because I am a mother now. Maybe because I realize that the bills are not going to pay themselves so if I have to be there I may as well be as engaged as possible. Whatever the reason, it's working for me.

I'm training for a 10k run in about 3 weeks. It's a fundraiser rather than a real competitive race so I'm not stressed out about it (though there are time chips I think so I will consciously be trying to at least approach my previous PB). I've blogged the cause already so I won't go on again except to say that if you'd like to donate follow this link and search my name. But here is some fun: What do you recommend I wear to this Underwear Affair? I don't think I have the balls to actually run in just my undies. I was thinking of a ballet suit and tutu or something similarly distracting from the parts of my body I love least.

Hm, what other excuses can I give you? I have less free time during the day because Sam has recently decided that he doesn't need to nap for longer than 30 minutes at a stretch. And we've been working on him self-settling for naps which stresses me out because I hate to hear him cry. I'll blog an update on the nap situation another time.

Of course it's almost Summer so I'm trying to get out with Sam as much as possible - playdates, the park, the pool, the beach. I really want to take him camping! I hope to engrave him with the same kind of fabulous memories that I have from childhood of crisp morning air and evening campfire smoke, of crickets and fingers wrinkled from too much swimming, of the sound of rain on the tent roof and the warmth of a cup of hot chocolate in tiny hands. Grown up voices staying up late while the kids are tucked into their sleeping bags. Bacon cooked over a fire for breakfast. Hot sun on my back while I hunt for frogs on the beach.

Uh-oh! I've abandoned proper sentence structure. Time to move along!

I think I've also admitted before that I can be quite lazy and sometimes the couch and an episode of Modern Family are more appealing than staring at the blogger window wishing I was more poetic. It's why I have so many drafts unpublished here. But I'll get to them. I just need less distraction. And more motivation.

In the meantime, here are some new pics of the boy. He gets cuter by the day and he's really trying on his personality. I often stare at him when he is sleeping and I have no control at all over my compulsive urge to kiss his fat little cheeks / fingers / feet when he's awake. When he giggles I think I could actually be the luckiest person who has ever existed. When he hugs me I want to save that feeling and live in it forever. When he whines I want to give him up for adoption. JK.


  1. I saw your picture on the link, you have nothing to be worried about, you look fantastic. The tutu sounds like a fun idea though. BTW, you're right Sam is adorable.

  2. You are going to do fine in the run Honey and I tink you should wear some large underwear with some 'depends' underneath :-)