Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cancer-kicking success!!

It's the day after.

The day after an afternoon of organizing and packing. Of a drive into the city to find that traffic and parking were gloriously easy - and free!

The day after attempting to feed dinner, in a public place full of distractions, to a baby who has recently decided that if he can't pick it up with his fingers and feed it to himself then he is not interested; and it is too hot to eat anyway, thank you very much.

The day after enjoying some naked time to help alleviate diaper heat rash. Yes, in public. And yes, maybe there was some peeing on the ground and the large blow-up ball we were enthusiastically playing with. Yes, mum cleaned the ball with a diaper wipe before releasing it for others to play with . . . Why didn't she think to wipe it down before it was in the baby's mouth for 20 minutes?

It's the day after cramming into a huge, hot, crowded drill hall for a warm up and pre-race "getting pumped", during which I was sure Sam would have a tiny overwhelmed baby meltdown. But he didn't because he is awesome.

It's the day after running 10 kilometers in a cotton nightie. Under the hot summer evening sun. Around a beautiful waterfront course. With hundreds of others in various degrees of underdress. The day after crossing the finish line into the loud, hot and crowded drill hall to rejoin the rest of our team, including Sam who was pushed in a stroller by his Auntie and Uncle C&C in the 5k walk. I was absolutely sure there would be a tiny overwhelmed (and now overtired) baby meltdown as bedtime had been well passed and the noise in the drill hall was even louder, but no, Sam is awesome.

It's the day after a couple of sweaty drinks with the team before grabbing drive-thru and heading to C&C's for a shower and the after after party. Sam falling asleep in the car 2 hours past bedtime and resettling like a champ at our destination despite skipping his bath and book, and despite being in a room and crib he has never slept in before. Then proceeding to sleep through the night as usual anyway. Because you are so awesome, Sam!

It's the day after a fantastic time with friends and strangers to raise money for a worthy cause and remember loved and missed people. Our team raised $4,430 for the BC Cancer Foundation!! It was super fun and I can't wait to do it again next year : )

Note Sam's bum just over my right shoulder

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