Monday, July 19, 2010


There is not a single outing we can go on where someone doesn't comment on Sam's hair. How he has so much of it. How it is super cute. How it is absolutely crazy. His hair is loved near and far.

(photo by B. Deeter)

I have resisted trying to tame it with gel, despite its obvious need for taming. I think I made some excuse about concern over the safety of the ingredients in hair gel, but truthfully, I like his hair all crazy. This is the only time in his life when it really doesn't matter what he looks like - everything is cute, even big out of control bed-head. It's part of being a baby. And I didn't want to rush him out of that.

However . . . his bangs were starting to tickle his eyes, and the length around his ears was getting unruly.

So we took Sam for his first hair cut. It was a beautiful sunny day and we took the opportunity to drive into Vancouver to Granville Island where they have a kiddie salon called The Hairloft.


He got to sit in a car or train - I don't really remember, a woman had a razor and sharp scissors next to my 9 month old's easily-distracted face and eyes! There was a large screen TV with a My Little Ponies video playing (two little girls had been having their hair cut just before Sam). He didn't care - Hey, moving colours and high-pitched cartoon voices! Cool!

So many arms!


OMG! Where did my baby go?!? He drifted to the floor with the tiny wisps of fine blond hair; swept away like the sleepless nights of infancy; leaving this grown up little boy in his place. I didn't cry. Not out loud, anyway.

OK, how can I be sad? He's so happy with life.
And he's still my baby Sam
at least for a little while longer.

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  1. OMG he is so freaking cute with his hair all done up..

    Where do the months go- remember when he used to be a redhead?