Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Date Night

It's been 7 months.

Seven months since David and I have been out together just the two of us. I tried to justify this by saying that we have plenty of evenings at home together after Sam is in bed. David said it's not the same. And he's right.

So we decided to finally take up some friends on their offers to babysit so that we could go out for dinner. Don't get me wrong, it's not that we are nervous about leaving Sam. Not in the slightest! We have fantastic friends who we trust and who Sam adores. It's that we are generally broke and haven't been able to afford going out. But now that I am back to work we have a little bit of spending money, so away we went, kicking our heels behind us : )

This was on Sunday. Before we left for the evening we thought we'd spend some quality time with Sam and take a nice little family walk to this small farm nearby where a horse lives. Most times that we go, the horse is either down the steep slope of the paddock or otherwise out of sight. Sometimes she is munching lazily and ignores us. That day, she must have been feeling friendly because as soon as she saw us she came lumbering over for a visit.

Sam was in the stroller, restrained and quite a bit lower than this towering ominous creature. I was crouched down next to Sam saying cutesy things like "Look at the horse!" and "What does a horse say?" Conveniently, the horse answered with a series of nickers (thank you google, for naming different horse sounds for me!). And Sam lost. his. shit.

In his defense, he had never seen a horse up close before. Or any living thing that large. The nickering was quite loud and abrupt. And I think a bit of horsey snot landed on us to boot. There was a fence between us and the mare, but Sam's understanding of "fence" and his appreciation for the security it provides is . . . underdeveloped?

His poor little baby brain simply snapped. Dude, I am 17 pounds and you are letting this horrifying mammoth charge me whilst nothing but some rickety wooden rails separate us? Not cool.

David was able to settle him by holding him close and tight while I fed the horse some grass. Nothing like the comfort of strong daddy arms : ) But the lower lip kept quivering and he definitely didn't let that animal out of his sight until we were well on our way back down the road.

The other mild catastrophe of the horse encounter was that I (knowing full well that I am terribly allergic to horses) made the stupid mistake of petting the beast. I was careful not to touch my face afterward but some magical floating horse dust must have gotten into my eyes and they puffed up and itched anyway. I had them mostly calmed down before we left for our date but it looked like I had been crying.

Me: It's going to look like we've had a fight or something. I could just wear my sunglasses through dinner.

David: Or we could have a fight.

But we didn't.

Until the Benadryl I took and the two drinks with dinner left me feeling ex.haus.ted. So I went to bed and David did not get any date night sex. : (

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