Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fantasy realized

I just had one of those experiences that we all secretly hope for : )

I got up this morning and planned my day around chillin' with the family. Took Sam to the pool with his buddy Noah (and Noah's mum), then headed home for a nap. Sam went down beautifully because he was pooped from "swimming". I had lunch then lay down for my pre-night shift nap.

Sam woke up after only 45 minutes of sleep so I brought him to lie down with me and we snoozed together for another hour. I don't care what people say about co-sleeping; there is nothing better than wrapping your arms around your baby and snuggling in for a nap together. I guarantee that Sam feels the same way : )

We got up and I got myself all showered (still had pool chlorine and a certain concentration of children's urine on my skin). A nice trip to the beach (no not the awesome gelato beach : (). Then home for a quick dinner and off to work with me.

Where is the realized fantasy? Right here, my friends:

I got to work and went to sign in . . . and my name was not on the assignment sheet. The holy, all-powerful piece of paper that determines who is supposed to be where on the unit. My name? Not on it.

At the beginning of every shift, when you walk on the unit and open the sign-in book, and scan for your name so that you know which area of the unit to go to . . . at this moment in time there is always an infinitesimal hope that maybe, just maybe your name won't be there. Any nurse who denies this is flat out lying. Ninety-nine point nine percent of the time you find your name and accept the next 12 hours that are staring you down, grinning, stealing away your sleep and free time (that could be spent blogging).

But once in a very blue moon . . . the kind of blue that we enjoyed in the sky at the beach this afternoon; a sky as clear and vast as Sam's baby blue eyes . . . once in that kind of perfect blue moon, you don't see your name. And a sense of freedom washes over you. I'm here at work and have no responsibilities at all. I can walk off the unit whenever I want to! OMG, I can go to bed when I feel tired tonight!!

Of course, I went to the charge nurse to double check that there was not a mistake on the assignment sheet. And I absolutely offered to stay - because, shit, I was there already. But, no. They were fully staffed and, with health care cutbacks and all, they can't afford to over staff. Even if they probably will need another body at some point in the night.

So home with me!

I got in, kissed Sam's sweaty sleeping head, and opened myself a beer.

A nice surprising ending to a perfect day.

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