Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Copy-cat post #1: Food wars

Hm. This is fun. Maybe I'll make this a series.

My friend recently posted about her recent struggles with her sons over food http://great-britton.blogspot.com/2010/08/food-glorious-food.html. She and I have been chatting about this issue via email for a couple of days so her story was not new to me (though still fun to read). Since I've known J for many years, and I don't think she'll get mad at me for plaigerizing her blog, I'm going to copy-cat her topic and tell you about my own food dramas.


Sam has been eating solids for about 5 months now and used to be quite content with the variety of homemade mush I presented him with three times a day. However, now that he has mastered his pincer grasp he scoffs at the spoon unless it contains yogurt. This means that there are always at least two tubs of that fabulous thick greek-style yogurt in our fridge (because, you know, the baby needs high fat content stuff! And also - yum!).

Since it is common knowledge that yogurt only contains, at the most, two food groups, I'm not convinced that it will sustain the little rugrat for very long. Though he definitely won't be calcium deficient.

In order to provide a variety of healthy balanced finger foods, we've had to be a bit creative. Small bits of broccoli in the mac & cheese, cheddar and spinach in the scrambled eggs, sliced turkey dipped in hummus. And blueberries with every meal! Seriously the kid's poop looks like it has chocolate chips in it.

When we introduce something new, or something old that he is not particularly fond of, we have to get him on what we have charmingly dubbed "the food train". We stimulate his appetite with something Sam-approved for a few bites then sneak in the new or unfavourable. Sometimes it works. Often it leads to a spontaneous singing of "Babies all over the world, eat your food, start a food train, food train".

Sorry, Sam, we are your parents : )

Large food has also been a big hit lately. I mean, if he needs two hands to hold it, he's willing to give it a try. But if I cut it into small pieces, it's a no go. The other day I showed him an orange pepper in the grocery store . . . he bit into it like it was my shoulder! I was slightly grossed out that he was chowing down on unwashed produce, but my distaste for germs was overcome by my joy that he was actually eating a vegetable!

I didn't have my camera, but it looked something like this (just replace the watermelon in this pic with orange capsicum).

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  1. Love reading your blog! I check in daily, just to make sure I don't miss anything... I feel like your cleavage gets far more 'net' time than mine does.... must remedy that. LOL.