Saturday, October 16, 2010

How does time work again?


I've been a bad blogger.

One twelfth of a year has gone by without a word from me. This is not the way to get the blogosphere to like you. Time to make amends.

September 14th: I started a temporary part-time line at the hospital. It works out to be 2-3 twelve-hour shifts per week but I also pick up extra when it is offered so that I am actually working closer to full-time hours, sometimes more. I only work nights in an effort to spend more time with Sam. But that means that I don't get to sleep as much as I'd like, and that on days when I work that night, the only time I have to myself is the unpredictable length of time that Sam naps in the afternoon.


September 27th: We left for Ottawa for 8 days. I was Maid of Honour at my friend's wedding - congratulations K&S!!! - so the week leading up to the wedding was super busy! Sam turned one while we were there, on October 1st. I say that with such little fanfare because, truly, it was pretty anti-climactic. I mean, he doesn't have a clue what a birthday is or that he had one. We had an open house style party for him so that all our family members who have never met him could come visit. Sam was overwhelmed and cranky and would have absolutely nothing to do with his cake.


As it turned out, he was probably feeling pretty terrible because the next day he came down with the snot canals and a productive little cough. Poor kid. Travel across the country, be transplanted to a new environment with all kinds of strangers, don't see your mom for the better part of the week, then just when you are starting to really like hanging out with your grandparents, get a cold and get back on a plane for home.

The flights were tiring for us but Sam did really well. Take off and landing didn't bother him at all! He napped about an hour or so in each direction, but needed constant entertainment for the other 8 hours. David and I tag-teamed Sam with puppet shows, books, peek-a-boo, and renditions of his favourite Sharon, Lois and Bram songs. I found myself staring longingly at childless travellers who read, watched TV, or slept the air-miles away. But it could have been far far worse so I really can't complain.

On the bright side, the time change made for late morning sleep-ins while we were on "vacation" - 8 am!! Glorious! Of course, what goes East must again come West and that meant a few mornings of 5 am wake ups once we were home.

All the stress and exhaustion of the trip was worth it to see how Sam warmed up to, and soon fell in love with, his grandparents. Smiles and cuddles for Nana first thing in the morning . . . falling asleep in the swing with Papa . . . playing on the kitchen floor with Grandma . . . high-fiving Granddad . . . It makes me sad that Sam has already forgotten all this.

We knew that starting a family so far from our own families of origin would be a challenge, but I didn't think it would be so heartbreaking. There is so much love that he Sam is missing out on - I only hope that we can make up for it.


October 5th: Back in Vancouver, Sam - and now I - had a miserable cold. No untoward complications though and we have both since recovered completely. Physically anyway. I was extremely homesick for the first week and into Thanksgiving, as I always am this time of year. Luckily we have excellent friends here who invited us to their family Thanksgiving dinner - again - and that helped. I also made a wicked apple pie from scratch which was quite therapeutic.


October 12th: I am back into the swing of work and David has hesitantly given up his role as stay at home dad to go back to school for a new career. It's been almost 2 years since he was laid off from work and we decided that in order for us to move forward in any meaningful way as a family (more kids are going to require a bigger house, second car, more RESP contributions, and gee, wouldn't it be nice to pay off some debt?!?), we need a second income again.

So the next big challenge / heartache is that unless I am willing to NEVER sleep, Sam has to go into daycare. And quick. David was offered admission into his program earlier than we expected and therefore started classes this past week. We had a meeting with a daycare provider the other day and while it is mostly a very good fit, I haven't been able to bring myself to make the call and actually register Sam in the program yet. I suppose this step will be easier after I've done my first set of back to back nights without sleep in between.


Sam and I on a date at the park while we let Dad have some quiet time to himself at home

Sam helping Dad put together one of his super-fantastic birthday presents. Thanks C&C!!


  1. What happened to Sam's hedgehog hair? He looks so grown up here.

    And isn't is crazy how fast life goes when you are working full time? There seriously isn't enough time to do ANYTHING!

    I am so envious when I drive my mom's on mat leave walking their babies.

  2. Yes, I recognize the blur that is life in this lovely update. We live far from family too and I also feel sad about all the love that is missing from my kids' lives day to day. But they manage to make up for it during visits!

    (PS About your comment re: Eat, Pray, Love - EXACTLY. It was just so ... sanctimonious. I don't mind life crisis and I get being unhappy and I love travel, so it should have been fun, but I disliked her from the first chapter.)