Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm warming to monkeys, it would seem

I have no love for monkeys. I don't mean the real ones out there in the wild, minding their own business. They're fine. I mean the ones on TV sitcoms, especially if they are dressed in stupid costumes. Everyone who knows me knows this about me. They have all been warned to steer clear of the cutesy monkey-oriented baby things for Sam (though some have broken the rules).

Lately, however, I have found myself giving in to the occasional adorable onsie that says "Mommy's little monkey", and David has bought Sam a monkey puppet that I have become quite attached to.

But when I willingly put Sam in a loaned monkey costume for Hallowe'en . . . well people have started calling me on it. See adorable pictures below.


Also, we have legitimized an annual tradition of visiting a local pumpkin patch by now having a child to bring there. The trip started with a nap in the car, which set the mellow tone for the rest of the day (note Sam looking nonplussed despite the dressed up farm folk singing to him on the hayride to the pumpkin fields).


Actual Hallowe'en