Saturday, December 4, 2010


On me. I haven't blogged. We all know it. No excuses. Let's just move on.

Things I've been doing while not blogging:

1. Welcoming a darling new baby into our pseudo-family. EET was born on November 1st in Illinois and the fabulous news that she was going to be our little niece came on November 5th. We welcomed her to Canada on the 17th. Congratulations to our best friends C&C on their new adventure as parents!

Sam is not too sure about sharing his Auntie Christine . . .

2. Cleaning out my inbox. There are currently seven messages in there. $100 says it's overflowing again in a week.

3. Working. A lot. I don't want to do that anymore. Sadly, the bills don't pay themselves.

4. Turning 31.

5. Kind of freaking out about turning 31. Seriously? This is the way time works? I'm really not getting any younger?


6. Getting ready for Christmas. Craft fairs galore. Have some lights up. Hung the advent calendars. Decided not to do cards this year (you will all get emails or e-cards). Might bake some cookies. Will hopefully give them away rather than eat them all.

7. Feeling guilty about not blogging.

8. Drinking wine and silently hoping that my IUD has not accidentally become dislodged, leaving a vulnerable empty net. A few more months and we'll pull the goalie willingly . . . just not quite yet, please.

9. Discovering a wonderful new (to me) movement called Wholehearted Living. Check it out. I'd say more, but I'm just getting a handle on it myself. For a snippet of what has peaked my interest watch this clip: Brene Brown at TEDx Houston.

10. Enjoying a second Thanksgiving! Thanks to our new niece, who is American by birth, we will now have the tradition of stuffing turkey, and ourselves, three times a year (once you count Christmas).


In addition to the above, we had a couple of nostalgia-inducing snow days.

Sam was not impressed

If you look very closely, you can see that he is almost smiling. I was shovelling and he was taking great pleasure in my labour.

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