Saturday, January 15, 2011

Here's something I will leave behind

Being bullied by corporations and putting up with shitty customer service.

Do any of you shop at Garage Clothing Co.? Well please consider, you know, not.

I've pasted my complaint letter below. It's short, don't worry, and explains it all quite concisely. I sent it to their online customer service and am promised a response within 48 hours.



Today I brought back a tank top that I received as a gift at the beginning of December. It was the kind of tank with the lace that covered the upper back and shoulder straps. I had the receipt and was returning it because, after just one wash, the tiny elastics in the lace had all snapped and frayed and were visible all over the lace.

This was at the store at Granview Corners in White Rock, BC. The manager (Ivy) had to make a call to confirm the return (I assume to Head Office) because it had been more than 30 days. Head Office told her that since no one else had complained about this particular problem with these tank tops that it could not be considered a "manufacturer's defect" and therefore could not be exchanged.

Ivy was professional and nice, and my complaint is not about her. My complaint is that the item is clearly defective, yet even with a legitimate receipt I was not allowed to exchange it. I took my receipt and left the tank top at the store with Ivy.

I will tell you what I told her, which is, I can't believe that your company is willing to lose a customer over a tank top that retails at $6.

Despite being otherwise happy with all the products I've ever bought from Garage, I will never shop at your store again and I'll be sure to relay this story to anyone who will listen.


Now I know this might seem silly because it's just a piece of clothing and there are real life social justice concerns out there which deserve far more attention and championing. I've read amazing blog posts about issues such as infertility, racism, child welfare, unfair trade practices, health tragedies, and so on, so I know my complaint is shallow. I suppose if I was a real human being I'd be writing about how we shouldn't ever shop at these stores because their clothing is made by people (possibly children) being treated more like slaves than employees. But since I am merely a machine without feelings, this is the best I can muster up tonight.

Come on, play along. If I get a "forgive us" gift certificate from the store, I'll buy you all a tank top that is sure to fall apart in the wash.

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