Sunday, January 9, 2011

Firsts, almost

In the past few weeks I've done two things that I haven't done in a really long time.

First, I finished knitting a blanket for Sam that I had started when I was pregnant with him. Do you know how old he is now? Yeah.

Second, I picked up a book and, you know, read. A few pages at a time. Until it was finished. I have this terrible habit of starting a book and thinking "Hey, this is pretty good. I'm going to set it down over here and ignore it for several months." Once I finally get back to it, I've usually forgotten what the thing was about and have to reread most of it. So this time I was determined to finish. It was very good and I'm looking forward to starting another one.

This time of year is all about finishing and restarting, isn't it? Completing and initiating. Lasts and firsts.

Like Sam's first public tantrum? In wal.mart while we shopped for a friend's little boy. I think his brain broke a little as tonkas and hotwheels seemed to multiply before his eyes. "Beep beep" escaping from his lips with such manic speed, repetition, and increasing volume that I wondered if the other parents in the isle thought he had Tourrette's. Then rushing from one mammoth shelf of toys to its sister on the opposite side, oblivious to the shopping carts and personal space of others. Having left my own cart at the end of the isle, I followed Sam, hunched down to his 2. 5 foot level, glancing apologetically at the other consumers while I made vain attempts to convince my boy to hold my hand or at least stop putting his in his mouth because don't you know how dirty wal.mart is?

Having chosen a gift for our friend's son, it was time to extract Sam from the hall of toys. Ha. Coaxing and asking nicely didn't work so I warned him that I was going to pick him up, then scooped him into my arms. There were protests, and I was preparing myself for a scream-fest which would force me to leave my items - unpurchased - and carry Sam out of the store, all wails and flailing arms. I imagined the glares and sympathetic nods of strangers (those without and with children, respectively). But actually, he was ok. As soon as the toys were out of view he gave up trying to convince me to go back. Once in line, I was able to distract him by letting him use boxes of gum as maracas. Fair solution.

I know there are tantrums in our future, but this was not his first. Phew. Dodge. But for how long . . . ?

As for a last . . . is there something I will leave behind in 2010?

Probably. Let me think about it and tell you later.


Running tally for this week: once on Sunday, 7k
Yoga tally: once, Wednesday night

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