Sunday, January 2, 2011

We took the tree down yesterday. I like to start the New Year fresh and optomistic and unencumbered by the post-Christmas blues that inevitably creep in on me starting December 26th. The place looks open and more tidy (a state I rarely achieve), but it is missing the warm twinkling of the tiny lights and the inescapable presence of another living thing in the room. Not that we are lacking in living things around here, as I sit with a cat cuddled up to me on the couch, David on the floor playing the game he got on Christmas Eve, Sam sleeping soundly upstairs. We are a cozy family, tree or no.

All the same, I feel reflective this time of year (as most people do), and mostly excited but sometimes a little sad. 2010 was a challenge for us: David struggled with a business plan that, while successful in some measure, has cost us quite a bit and produced very little return. We made the difficult but neccesary decision that I would go back to work early from maternity leave and he would be a stay at home Dad for the summer. Now he is back at school - something he never thought he'd do but, again, was necessary.

As for the year to come . . . In April David will be an electrician's apprentice and start the next chapter in his professional life. I continue to work at the same place, and to my great surprise, am quite content to stay there for now. Hopefully soon I will have a permanent position so that I can get full benefits, including mat leave top-up for when we decide to start trying for number two.

There are some improvements we want to make in and around the house this year too. Some amateur landscaping may be involved. I'm kind of excited about this because as it is, our backyard is basically an unusable swamp of mud and moss. Soon it will be an oasis!

We've got some serious financial goals to meet this year as well, but there's not a whole lot we can do about those until David is working. I am proud that we were able to start an RESP for Sam last year, despite everything else being woefully neglected.

I joined a running group this morning in an attempt to kick start my habits for better health (again). I'll run at least once a week (hopefully twice), yoga once a week (I've even been contemplating trying Bikram's again - eek!). And worst of all - I mean, Yay, this will be awesome! - no wine. Unless it's a social occasion. Cuddling with the cat and blogging don't count.

Over the next two months, in an effort to embarrass myself into sticking to these health/fitness goals, I am going to have a tally at the end of each post (weekly (another goal)) reporting the number of activities I've participated in that week. Look for it next Sunday! Cheer me on or ridicule me as the case may warrant.


A few more pics from the holidays.

Sam's first gingerbread house, made at daycare. I swear there is a course they teach in ECE on how to make parents cry.

Opening a care package from Nana and Papa.

Something about a housecoat makes even the cutest toddler look like a little old man. I'm also looking forward to when Sam learns to smile for the camera.

One of Sam's coolest gifts.

Opening his stocking.

A day of lovely little moments like this.

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  1. Love the coffee mug pic.
    And I miss you guys lots.