Saturday, March 12, 2011

I know, I know. But what am I going to do?

Let's move on. It's my new motto.

I have a new project. Are you interested in hearing about it? I guess you must be or you'd be off reading someone else's blog.

Those of you who know me in real life know I'm a perinatal nurse. I work in a large BC hospital with the second (third?) highest birth rate in the province. I've been working in some form of women's health for the past seven years, and I've spent the last three in labour and delivery (with a short hiatus in fertility). For me, women and their uteri are where it's at. Getting pregnant, getting un-pregnant, those first days of motherhood - I find it all fascinating. Miraculous, if you like that sort of thing. It's my niche. And considering the discontent I hear from my colleagues in the nursing community, I'm lucky to have found one.

Having said that. I have days when I want to quit. When I wonder what the hell I was thinking and I fantasize about a nice relaxing job at a book store or something where I have no responsibilities beyond recommending a good read and balancing the cash at the end of the night.

Juxtaposed with the stress of labour and delivery, is also a sense of . . . not boredom, but . . . interminable-ness that looms over me when I imagine working in the same place, doing the same things for my foreseeable future. I feel suffocated. I start to panic. I dread going to work. So I have to shake it up.

My current shake up is Childbirth Education. I'm going to pimp my CV with a Lamaze certification and teach prenatal courses. I'm all registered with the program and received my study guide last month. I've bought the recommended books and have been sitting over them, poised with highlighters in hand (because I'm nerdy that way), and completing my module reviews, and so on. It's time consuming, but I'm enjoying it. In April I will take a 3 day workshop on Teaching Skills and hopefully learn more about marketing myself as a childbirth educator as well.

By doing all this, I can stay in my comfortable nursing area of perinatal health (where I have done considerable training) and continue to expand and develop professionally, and generally broaden my experiences so that I don't get that panic feeling and decide to quit and go work at Starbucks.

One of the objectives I'd like to implement soon is to start a pregnancy and childbirth blog. From a professional standpoint: to help market myself as a childbirth educator and to provide relevant and accurate information for women who may not want to take a class but still want the information. I've never run my own business or had a professional blog, so I'm a bit nervous about this part of things. Particularly because I've kept so current with this blog : ) Wish me luck!


As promised to myself, I have been doing yoga and running once a week. I have not been blogging. You may have noticed.


As I was drafting this post, I had a zombie flick in the background. I love zombie movies, but they make me nervous that my house is not zombie-proof. Is yours?