Friday, February 17, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Can you imagine if I never blogged again? You would all think that I had died of pink eye!

Fear not, patient readers, I am fine. I just got lost in real life for a while.

I thought about my neglected little blog frequently. But the more time that passed since my last post, the more pressure I felt to make this next one fabulous. It became very intimidating.

So finally, I sat down today and decided that no matter what I write, or how short the post, it was time to get back out here. You may have noticed that I also gave myself a facelift : )

I will post soon about all the "real life" things that have kept me so busy over the last eight months - EIGHT MONTHS!! (shameful) - but for now I will share with you our excitement from last night . . . courtesy of our cat.

Look closely. Yes, that is a rather long-tailed rodent trying to hide under our dishwasher. Sabbath brought it in but couldn't keep hold of it. David had to put on work gloves and (gently) pull it out by its tail, at which point it ran around the kitchen searching for a new hiding place, while I opened the patio door to allow it to escape. The cat, of course, sat watching us - entirely unhelpful.

(Also visible in the photo: a tidy terrified rodent turd, and a slice of onion from dinner. Aren't you glad I'm back?)

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