Monday, March 26, 2012

Creepy or Cute?

Sam's daycare goes on field trips every so often and in February they went to the dentist. Super fun right?

They do actually go on cool outdoor trips and swimming and stuff, but they also go places like the animal hospital and the dentist. The kids seem to like it and they usually come away with goodie bags of some sort. From the dentist they got a tooth brush with a suction cup on the end so it stands up on the counter or sticks to the mirror - and sometimes various parts of mommy. Sam thinks this is hilarious.

They also got this:

Uh huh.

That is Sam's thumb. Made from the plaster they use to make dental imprints. They filled dixie cups with this rubber gummy stuff and stuck their thumbs in to make the imprint, then the thumb hole was filled with plaster and the cups were sent home to finish drying. The next day we peeled off the dixie cup and the rubber gummy stuff and voila. A thumb.

From certain angles you can even tell it's a thumb. From others . . . I dunno, man. It's a small white protrusion that doesn't quite resemble art or any part of my child's body, and it kind of lingers around threatening a corn-hole.

So, my question for you is: Is this creepy or cute?

Look at the picture again. Think about it.

David doesn't wear his wedding ring to work for safety reasons, so he dropped it onto the thumb, rendering it . . . functional?

Does this help? Or should the thumb be banished to the garbage bin where it can no longer confuse and frighten me?

Comments welcome.