Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Big Boy Bed

If I'd posted about this 6 weeks ago, when he slept in his new bed for the first night, it would have been more sentimental and weepy. We were so proud of him, yet somehow sad that he was leaving his crib and infancy behind. He's a real boy now - (sniffle sniffle).

Now that Sam and I are both used to the new room / new bed transition, it seems ages ago that he was ever in the crib next door. So to celebrate this milestone, I will share with you (in photos) the comedic progression of his ability to actually stay in the bed while sleeping.

 Early days

 In bed, but looking a bit like a college frat boy

 Consistently staying in the bed, but not mastering the whole pillow & blanket thing

And, we've regressed - but at least we have some art on the walls


Observant readers may ask why Sam moved to a new room while the crib is still next door. You guessed it! We're having another baby : ) Like, soon! I should have posted this with some fan fair, I suppose, but by the time I'd get around to it the kid would be 6 months old. As it is, baby is due in May. Anyway, big announcements aren't really my style . . . I told David by text : )

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