Thursday, May 10, 2012

Self Esteem

Some women truly love being pregnant and have that "glow". And, honestly, I did with Sam. Maybe it's because I was pregnant through Spring and Summer with him so I had a tan. Maybe it's because I had a more relaxing job with shorter hours. Perhaps it had to do with not having a toddler to look after so I could do what I pleased with my free time, including go have a massage, take a nap, etc. Whatever the reason, this pregnancy has been extremely different!

I was sick sick sick far worse and far longer than with Sam. I took diclectin until 24 weeks, and it didn't even help me feel good. But not taking it was worse. David said there were days when I was positively green. Work was a good distraction because it was usually busy. But for that reason, it was also very tiring - 12 hour shifts, days, nights, mixed in with 8 hour public health shifts filled with immunizing or doing home baby visits. Also David did a mix of days and evenings, so sometimes I would come home from work and have to also be a single parent for the night. I'm not sure how real single mums do it - Kudos ladies, seriously.

I finally got over the lovely discomforts of first (and half of second) trimester pregnancy, felt like myself for a few short weeks, and since then have been in the throws of third trimester bliss : )

Seriously, my feet are swollen and I have varicose veins in places that I didn't even know were possible! I won't elaborate further - even if you haven't experienced it yourself, you can imagine what I'm talking about. Ugh.

So my midwife wrote me a prescription for compression stockings. Something I should have done when I was pregnant with Sam, or hey, even just because I'm a nurse and on my feet a lot. Plus, my mum and her mum both have them so it's not like I couldn't have seen this coming. Regardless, better late than never. They are a pain to get on (have to wear rubber gloves like I'm about to do dishes - this is very sexy : ) but they actually look quite good - just like black tights. Spanks actually.

Funny (read: totally mortifying) story about the stockings! The prescription was for "Maternity" compression pantyhose. So I go off to be measured and fitted (as if that wasn't bad enough), then when they come in, she hands me the box and NO WHERE on the box does it say "Maternity" or anything else that could preserve my fragile body image in any way. Nope. They are called "medical compression stockings . . . Plus Size". It may as well say "For Fat Chicks". Double Ugh : (

But I've decided it's all ok. Soon after this baby is born (as soon as I don't feel like all my insides are going to fall out) I will start running again and I will look like this:

 photo courtesy of from a friend's FB page

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