Saturday, June 2, 2012


There aren't many ailments that can't be cured by an afternoon in the sun with friends and neighbours, watching the kids run through a sprinkler.

I'm always amazed at the profound effect the weather has on my mood - and the mood of my labile husband : ) This morning the sky was overcast and there was a chill in the air. It had been a rough night at our house. Less because of our newborn and more because our two and a half year old couldn't sleep so he kept coming into our room. More accurately, he kept creeping slowly down the hall and hovering outside our bedroom door until one of us noticed him. Dawn of the Dead much?? It wouldn't be so bad if he would just crawl into bed, snuggle down and crash out. I actually kind of like it when I wake to find him cuddled up with his Dad on the other side of the mattress. But last night he lay there between us, eyes wide open, and flopped around from position to awkward position, trying to get comfortable or get our attention - I'm not sure which.

I had just fed and resettled the baby when Sam came in the first time and all I could think about was how he was cutting into my precious - and painfully short - sleep time before Lucy would wake up again. After two hours and sending or carrying him back to his bed (and him returning in fairly short order) roughly five times, I finally suggested that David go sleep on the couch and let Sam stay with me in our bed. I figured at least one of us should get a few solid hours, and since I'm currently on milk duty it sure wasn't going to be me! Once David left, Sam had room to stretch out and he fell asleep. As I was up feeding Lucy a little while later I watched Sam sleep and marveled at how it used to be him keeping me up at all hours, and how wonderful it is now that he mostly sleeps through the night.

Marvelous or not, morning came too early and we were all awake to take on the gray day. Moods and energy levels were low at best. Except for Sam, who was oblivious to the impact of his and his sister's nighttime demands. David and I were snappy at each other, both tired and wishing for some magical grandparental respite that is geographically impossible. Over lunch I passive agressively told David that he should just go back to work already, even though he has another week planned to be home with us. It was not pretty.

But then something happened.

The clouds broke. The sun came out. And the temperature increased significantly. David went for a bike ride. Sam went for quiet time. Lucy slept. I puttered. The rest of the afternoon was a blur. But there were lawn chairs, kids laughing, a beer or two - and suddenly things were better, life didn't seem so tiring. There were no tantrums, no yelling. And the children behaved too.

Thank you Mother Nature for saving our day. Please help us out again tomorrow, would you? 

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