Friday, June 1, 2012


A quick post. As many this month will no doubt be. That's right, I'm doing it. I've read in admiration as others have done it in the past. I've wanted to do it several times before. And now, with a potty training toddler, a 3 week old, and oh-so-much time on my hands, I figured I'd give it a try.

Welcome to Friday Night Parents' NaBloPoMo

The theme for June (as assigned by BlogHer - is Jump, though they are not strict on adhering to it. The goal is simply to blog daily for a month. To get writing. Though I will try to touch on Jump every so often. And I'll open with it!

This crappy resolution photo was taken with my iphone . . . in motion . . . in not great light . . . but the essence I think is captured: The pure joy of motion as experienced by a two year old. The anticipation of breaching the still, unbroken surface of a puddle big enough to disappear into. The freedom of being allowed to play hard and get wet. 

Wish me luck with this writing endeavor, and happy NaBloPoMo-ing to the rest of you out there!

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