Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tired 3 year old, tired parents

Apparently turning three is a lot of work. For the parents. And I'm not really into hard work. Or planning. I'm more of a procrastinating day dreamer. You know what would be so cool . . . later?

But a few weeks ago we got our act together, sat down and brainstormed ideas for Sam's third birthday. He's totally into cars - knows just about every car badge on the street (at least in our neighbourhood) so that took care of our theme. We decided to keep it small and casual. I have read somewhere that the ideal number of children to invite to a birthday party is the birthday child's age plus one. So we invited four kids in his age range who Sam plays with the most. This ended up being a few neighbourhood kids and, of course, his "cousin" E. The weather is usually still pretty decent around here in September, so we hoped for (and got) sunshine which allowed us to have the party outside. We decorated with balloons and posters and some streamers. But the real treat was the entertainment - a 2012 Ford Mustang GT convertible! And of course the car badge cupcakes : )


 The Fueling Station

 Car badge cupcakes

The Chilling Spot

 Baby sister

And after the official party was over, Sam and Dad took a spin in the Mustang. Not sure who this was cooler for . . . but I have an idea : )

Sam had a great time! So did the other kids - no melt downs at all!! Thanks to our friends and neighbours for coming out today and sharing Sam's birthday with him. Very special thanks to Lise and Mike Kwan for the fabulous photos!! I had no time to be behind the camera. I heart you guys : )