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NaBloPoMo Attempt # 2 November 2012

I`m going for it again, folks! I`m going to try to blog every day for a month. I also hope to use this opportunity to make some updates and improvements to the FNP - stay tuned! If you are a current reader but unfamiliar with NaBloPoMo, visit BlogHer to learn more. If you are a visitor from the blogroll, you can learn more about me on the right : ) Wish me luck!


When I was a kid, it didn't seem to matter what the weather did on Hallowe'en night as long as there was candy to be collected. Growing up in Ontario I remember years when it was quite cold - even snowy - but we still dragged our miserable parents around the neighbourhood (though now I know they were all carrying travel mugs full of wine or spiked hot chocolate, so how miserable could they have been?). Luckily we have raised a kid who (so far) prefers warm and dry to candy because after about 20 minutes in the downpour that began just after dinner last night - you know, when all the little kids start trick-or-treating - he looked at his dad and said "I have enough candy, I want to go home." By the time he'd had a bath, gotten into jammies,  and kissed his little sister goodnight, the rain had let up enough that I took him out for a little walk just to look at pumpkins. A few of the neighbours forced more candy upon him, even though he was clearly only dressed as a little boy up past his bedtime.

After our walk, there were a couple of stories then off to bed with protests that didn't stand up to me or his fatigue - he was KO'd before I got back downstairs. I relaxed on the couch while I listened to David chatting up little kids and joking around with parents at the door. He is much better at that whole thing than I am. Charming, one might say. But we have differing theories on candy distribution. He lets kids help themselves by the handful with the goal of getting rid of it all quickly, while I dole it out a couple of pieces at a time in the hopes that there will be leftovers : ) We both agree, however, that trick-or-treating is for the little kids in their adorable costumes and that when the teenagers start to ring the bell we shut it down weather we are out of candy or not. By 8 pm last night the pumpkins were blown out, the orange and purple strings of lights were unplugged, and we were watching The Walking Dead undisturbed on the couch. How Hallowe'en SHOULD be!

My one regret from last night is that I didn't get a single good photo of the kids in their costumes or of our pumpkins. It was just raining too hard to go out with the camera. And the lighting for photos - even earlier in the day - was garbage. Maybe it's not a big deal . . . but as I was browsing FB last night and seeing other people's post-worthy pictures of their kids celebrating this totally KID holiday, I felt like a bit of a mom fail.

Aside: There have been a lot of times in recent weeks when I have felt like I was failing one or both of my kids in some way. Mostly these moments are in the context of having too little time to spend with Lucy or too little patience with Sam. I'll blog more about that inner turmoil later - I have every day in November to fill after all!

Anyway, my good friend L came over today with her awesome camera lens to take some photos for me. Yes, I redressed the kids in their costumes. I'm sure that when they look back through the family albums they won`t remember that this years Hallowe'en photos were actually taken on November 1st. And eventually, after enough years have passed, maybe I won't remember either.

We had a fabulously carved (not by us) Mater pumpkin that was blown up by Hallowe'en goblins last night - so, sadly, not pictured. 

 Sam has a cold and was desperately trying not to cough (there are about two dozen mid-cough shots that were deleted).

Is he running toward me? No. This type of enthusiasm is reserved exclusively for balloons.

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