Tuesday, November 6, 2012


There was a temporary break in the rain this afternoon - an opportunity to get an energetic small person out of the house that I snapped up without hesitation! The sun even shone a bit as it dipped below the cloud line and plummeted toward the horizon at its new early curfew. The colours this Fall seem to be more vibrant and long-lived than previous years, possibly due to our late and warm summer (which didn't end until nearly mid-October). Honestly there are trees that house every colour of leaf in the seasonal spectrum all in one. I've tried to capture a few images with the iphone and the real camera alike but nothing can do it justice. Here they are anyway.

In an attempt to hang onto this beauty as long as possible - and to "do arts and crafts" on these long rainy days we have been having - Sam and I have started collecting leaves to laminate and tack up in the windows of the house. 

Me: "Is this the weirdest thing you've ever been asked to laminate?"
Staples staff: "Um . . . it's the farthest thing from paper." 

: )

Sam's leave choices are . . . charming, haphazard, without vision of the final project. He's three. 

I look for bright, fresh, intact leaves with bold colours or unique patterns.

I've grabbed some total gems! But there are so many, and I find myself scanning the ground and trees for "the perfect" leaf, never satisfied with what I already have. I stare at the wet and dissolving piles of foliage on the sidewalks and front yards, feeling overwhelmed - paralyzed - with indecision. It's the reason I can't pick out a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch - every time I think I've got "the one", I see something better. As I walk toward the tractor-pulled hay ride that threatens to take me away from the field and finalize my selection for good, I sneak peaks at and covet other people's pumpkins, always worried that I have missed out.

One of the things I am trying to do with NaBloPoMo is to expand my readings as well as my writings. I love getting recommendations from others and, of course, reading my friends' blogs, but I want to branch out a bit. I was totally overwhelmed by the BlogHer NaBloPoMo blogroll (of which I am #614 out of 1833) and had to abandon my plan to choose a few blogs based on their cool names. Instead I cut up small pieces of paper, wrote "0" through "9" on them and let Sam choose and arrange numbers for me.

So here are some of the new blogs I will read in November as randomly selected by my preschooler:

#34 - The Dew Baby

#212 - jill teague - uut of the blue writing

#819 - Fried  Tofu

#926 - Alive in the Storm

#1588 - a gal in city

#1725 - My R&R Space

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