Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Parents

I see now how easy it is to fall into over-scheduling your children - and your life! By 1 pm this afternoon I had already been to the YMCA three times! 

First, I had a running group that meets at 9, rain or shine (today it was rain). 

At 10:30, Sam had his first gymnastics class. This was so great! It's the first time that he's been in a program, besides preschool, where a parent didn't have to participate. I was nervous because he was clearly the youngest in the class. He was having a little bit of trouble with concepts like warming up in the circle and keeping his place in line for a turn on the equipment - he kept hanging back and letting the other kids go in front of him - but the instructor was great and made sure that he got just as much time on as everyone else.  His favourite activities were the somersaults and the trampoline - so perfect for getting that rangy energy out that drives me crazy in the house on rainy days!

At noon, Lucy had her first "swimming lesson" which pretty much meant her looking wet and adorable while I bobbed her around in the water and sang silly songs. I loved it : ) All of it!

This afternoon we still have to pop out and get some groceries, then tonight David and I have a date! I know, right? But before that, we need to get the house tidy so that our babysitter doesn't see how shamefully we live!

David starts two weeks of evenings again on Monday so I will have free time after the kids are in bed. What will I do?? Well, I've decided to join a stitch n' bitch and a book club. There are holiday plans to be made! I am working here and there, as well. And of course I'll be blogging about it all!!

Just not today. I've already got a three year old tugging at me to get off the computer and play with him. Again. 

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