Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yet another epiphany!!

You may recall a certain post I wrote about Valentine's Day at daycare roughly two years back : ) Well, I've done it again! Come to a realization about holidays and children. They are stressful!!

When you're young - and celebrate Christmas - it is all so magical and exciting and wrought with agonizing delay. Oh the waiting!! Will Christmas never arrive?!? Can it still be two weeks away?!?!

As a parent of a child old enough to "get it", I lay awake in bed asking "Is Christmas seriously ONLY two weeks away!?!?" There is so much to do, bake, buy, wrap, craft, plan!! And I'm on mat leave - I don't even have full time work thrown into the mix! Nor do I have the budget to do all the things I fantasize about. How do families do it? The pressure to make the season special and memorable and fun is overwhelming. And don't even go on Pinterest! That will just make you feel lazy and inadequate on a whole new level.

Out of sheer necessity I have gone into Christmas survival mode. I have concluded that with two small kids at home, preschool and nap schedules, very little spending money, and a real desire to enjoy the holidays rather than stress through them . . . I can get one thing done per day. Some are small things, like today Sam and I built and decorated a pre-fab gingerbread house (which was actually super fun and not as messy as I had feared); and others are epic, for example I am knitting Lucy's first Christmas stocking and I have never before knit anything that wasn't square or rectangular (I am in total denial about the heal and toe parts that I inevitably have to complete - they'll be easy, right?).

Last weekend we went - for the second year in a row - to the Cloverdale Christmas parade, which is unique and BADASS, in that it is made up of big rigs and cement trucks, etc. all decked out in Christmas lights. Sam Capitol-L loved it and even Lucy was mesmerized. This past Sunday, we picked out and cut down our tree. Then in the evening, we all cuddled on the couch in our jammies, watched The Polar Express and ate popcorn. Yesterday, I got the lights up. The tree will now mellow for a few days, in all it's glowing beauty, cat curled beneath it, until we get around to hanging ornaments. Tomorrow, I really should get the rest of my Christmas cards done and into the mail. Oh yeah, and finally get our tree-hunting-muddy pants into the laundry. See? Just one thing per day. To keep it all within reach. Manageable.

I'm not even going to obsess about writing fabulous blog posts. They don't all have to be hilarious or profound . . . sometimes I just want to capture the moments . . . like these . . .

Story time on the floor

Sam's first letter to Santa (broke my heart to actually mail it)
Could be a Christmas card - drool string and all!

Serious gingerbread architecture happening here

The final, beautifully asymmetrical product : )

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