Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I will celebrate my return to the blog after a Parliamentary-length holiday break by sharing with you how we celebrated BC's first Family Day. 

What is Family Day? Does it commemorate a Canadian hero or celebrate the political liberal-ness that we have embraced in legalizing gay marriage? Nope. It's just a new arbitrary stat holiday to help us get through the long wet months between New Year and Easter. Oh well, I'll take it. 

We had planned to visit a local honeybee center with another family with whom we have been close for a long time, but haven't seen much of lately. They struggle with the same 'divide and conquer' survival strategy that we do - one parent stays home with the younger, napping child (and usually does housework) while the other parent goes out with the older child to complete necessary but mundane tasks like grocery shopping. Occasionally one parent takes the older child out to do something fun, but rarely do the four go out together because of food and nap restrictions. As a result, we hadn't spent time with this couple in doubles for I'm not sure how long. Since the summer? 

Unfortunately, both our young families have been struck with fevers (of probably different origins). So with disregard for our own children's weary immune systems, but the sense to not infect innocent strangers, we decided to forgo the bees in favour of a play date at a local park instead. Despite chilly temperatures, overcast skies, and a bit of rain, the kids had fun and the adults kept warm with Sbux in hands. They stayed for lunch and naps - an exercise in creativity when there are three crib-aged children and only one crib. But it worked (thanks to a play pen, our uber-flexible daughter who will sleep anywhere - even the floor in our room, and WALL-E to keep Sam occupied) and the grown ups got to have some quality face time. 

Before they left, we asked J to help us out with a tradition we thought would be cool to start given this new Family Day holiday. 

See! Proof that the four of us can exist in the same space at the same time. Thanks, J : )

Later in the day, while our sick and cranky Lucy napped yet again, Sam and I played some road hockey out front while the neighbours' kids played soccer. It was very Family, indeed. 

So I say, "Haha February! Your clouds and cold can't scare us inside! Germs won't keep us apart! We are hardy BC families!! Go f*** yourself " : )